Don’t give up!

Insane Danny Way

Danny Way (born April 15, 1974) is an American professional skateboarder. In X Games 14 – Los Angeles, California (July 31 – August 3, 2008), Danny Way was participating in the ‘Big Air’ competition. Before this, he had won in all the X Games Big Air competitions he had participated in.

In his 2nd of the 5 runs, his shins clipped on the edge of the quarter-pipe after a 20+ foot freefall, which the commentators referred to as the “second worst fall ever at the X Games”.

He was given a shoulder by the paramedics but he refused to take the support, and limped his way off the ramp all by his own, with possibly a broken leg and back. He was offered a wheelchair but he again refused to take that.

The paramedics wanted him not to go for any other run for proper recovery of his injury, but Way did not give in.

After a few minutes, his turn for the 3rd run arrived. Far away from anybody’s wildest imaginations, Danny appeared limping on the ramp and went on to nail the trick that he had fallen on in his previous run. And guess what, he was back in the race amongst the top 3.

When he walked out of the ramp, he was asked if he’s taking his 4th run; he said he’s taking every run, and the crowd went berserk!

In his 4th run, he again falls with his ankle in an awkward position, breaking it. Now, who would expect him to come out for his 5th run?

Again, he came and completed his stunt very cleanly. In the end he had to settle for a silver medal. However, even a gold medal wasn’t enough to reward his bravery.

Danny Way in the middle of a stunt
Danny Way in the middle of a stunt

Watch the impossible here.

He did not only win the medal, but also the hearts of the fans all over the world, and his competitors’ respects. How? He did not give up!


‘Give up’ meaning

To stop, cease, discontinue, or leave (something), usually permanently. In other words, to quit, admit defeat; surrender.


Why not to give up?

Failing to do something does not make you a failure. You become a failure only when you quit trying. Your failure is decided just by your attitude towards your falls, setbacks, oppositions, misfortunes, and other disappointing situations.

When you get knocked down, you can back out so that you do not get hit again. However, you can choose to get back up, get hit again and again, but eventually you can turn things around. Forget the beating, learn a lesson, and move upward.

But remember, don’t you ever quit. Unleash your full potential!

Danny Way could have simply called it off from his side. But, he decided to stand back up again. What’s more? He gave his best in every run irrespective of his body being unfit for this physical sport. And, today he’s known for his fearless attitude.


Turn your defeat into your victory

Like Danny Way, everybody has their own fight. Be it a personal or professional life, it is never going to be easy forever. And if it is so, then you are in your comfort zone, which is where you won’t ever grow. So when you get out of it and test your potential, you’ll face failures at least once. But, here is how you can convert those failures into milestones for your success.

First, stop giving so much importance to your failure that it affects your performance in every field, personal and professional. Stop blaming your luck. Blaming your luck will not get you anywhere.

No matter how bad a situation you are in, remember – ‘This too shall pass.

Study your setback. Learn about what went wrong, and work over it to win next time. Find out your faults and weaknesses, and correct them. Have belief in yourselfBe your own constructive critic. Here, you might seek help of your mentor.

I’m sure you’ll find something to work upon for your next attempt at success. Use goal-setting and get in action. Be strong on your persistence. If required, blend it with experimentation to discover better ways of doing things.

Fall in love with the process, because what you become in the process is far more important than what your results say.

Never give up! Because, harder the struggle, sweeter is the taste of success!


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