Michael Jordan went ahead step-by-step

Michael, during his university days, in the basketball summer camp, impressed all with his speed and skill. But the coach had a dull hope of him qualifying for the university team group as Michael did not have the minimum height required. So when the list of names for the university team was announced, all of Michael’s mates who were at least 198cm in height were in the list, but Michael wasn’t.

This moment had a big impact on Michael’s life. He was so startled that he went through the list several times, feeling sure that his coach had mistakenly left his name out. At that time, his mom came forward to offer him an advice, “The best thing you could do now is to prove to the coach that he had made a mistake.”

In his book – I Can’t Accept Not Trying: Michael Jordan on the Pursuit of Excellence, he mentioned:

“I approach everything step by step….I had always set short-term goals.  As I look back, each one of the steps or successes led to the next one.  When I got cut from the varsity (university) team as a sophomore (2nd year university student) in high school, I learned something.  I knew I never wanted to feel that bad again….So I set a goal of becoming a starter on the varsity.  That’s what I focused on all summer.  When I worked on my game, that’s what I thought about.  When it happened, I set another goal, a reasonable, manageable goal that I could realistically achieve if I worked hard enough….I guess I approached it with the end in mind.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.  As I reached those goals, they built on one another.  I gained a little confidence every time I came through.”

MIchael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Today, Michael Jordan is widely considered to be one of the greatest players the sport of basketball has ever produced. He is often addressed as the best NBA (National Basketball Association) player of all time, with six championships, ten scoring titles, and five MVP trophies.

But did you see the first step he took there? Goal-setting.


What is goal-setting?

Goal-setting is the process of identifying what you want to achieve and establishing measurable goals, with appropriate time schedules.

In simple words, it is a step-by-step process to get where you desire to go. It involves developing a plan-of-action to motivate and guide you to your destination.

Michael knew exactly where he wanted to go. He set goal after goal to get there, and he got there.


Why to set goals?

Michael’s achievements aren’t enough motivation for you to adopt the goal-setting approach? No problem, read ahead.

To accomplish something, you must plan to accomplish something. How? Set short-term goals. These goals propel you forward by breaking intimidating aspirations into smaller, achievable stepping-stones.

Setting goals is the first step to developing self-belief! Goals give you direction, and establish better accountability towards your target.

Bill Copeland (an American Poet) said – “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”


How to achieve your target using goal-setting?

Michael never hurried to get to his destination. Step-by-step is how he moved closer to his target achievement. Goal-setting is no rocket science. And, Michael exploited it to its fullest. Now, here’s how you can get to where you want to go.

First, get a clear fix on where you want to go. Just visualize yourself x years from now. Write it down somewhere where you can see it often. Want to really stick to it? Make a public announcement of your dreams. This might just give you an extra push to be aligned to your endeavour.

Break your final target into smaller goals. You may start small by setting fairly achievable goals. Eventually, set bigger goals and exceed them. Your goals need not be realistic and achievable. I repeat. Your goals need not be realistic and achievable. Stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

Get into action and kill all kinds of your self-made fears that cause you to procrastinate. Undoubtedly, persistence is what the doctor orders here. Sometimes, you might have to face difficulties, but do not stop there thinking it’s the end of the road. Take detours to your destination.

Most important of all, celebrate the little successes you enjoy during the path to your ultimate target. But, be focused to get back to your next short-term goal as conducive for the long-term achievement of your dreams.

Step-by-step path to target achievement
Step-by-step path to target achievement

Push yourself through your goals, and soon you’ll see yourself on the peak of success!

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