Fight Mediocrity

I’ve got a few questions for you, first up –

  • What is your maximum effort?
  • When can you say that you’ve given everything you’ve got?
  • What is your limit?

(Think about it for a while.)

Well, I wasn’t able to figure out any specific answer to these questions. You might say that you’ve reached the peak of your effort when you’re extremely tired or fatigued, mentally or physically. But, is there an automatic mechanism that shuts you down when you’re extremely drained?

I’m not saying that resting isn’t necessary. But, the point I’m trying to make here is that there is no standard limit to the human potential. Your limit is self-imposed. It’s your own thought, more often than not, that limits you from going an extra mile. This self-limiting thought is affected by internal or external factors.

Internal factors – Past experience, self-belief, your comfort-zone, etc.

External factors – Your peer, parents, other social fears, etc.

Your thoughts are so highly influenced by these factors that you create a virtual boundary, setting limits to your own capability. And I’ve long been a victim of this.


Did you know that the Wright brothers were bicycle-mechanics?

Wright brothers, both in their early twenties in 1892, started the Wright Cycle Company. Bicycles, during the end of the 19th Century, were considered to be complex mechanical machines. And, Wright brothers used to provide bicycle manufacturing and repairing services.

Wright Brothers & Their Cycle Company
Wright Brothers & Their Cycle Company

This business provided the Wright brothers with a respectable reputation in the local business community, and was an amazing outlet for their mechanical interests. It was more than enough to support their financial needs for an enjoyable living, but not enough for their ambition.

And I don’t need to mention what happened soon after that.

If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as truth is really true, there would be very little hope of advance.” – Orville Wright


What is that virtual space of limitation?

Let’s call that virtual space – ‘Mediocrity‘. It is a quality or state of mind which doesn’t allow you to be extra-ordinary. It, very often, pushes you to be satisfied with what you have, and not venture out of the self-created comfort zone.

Here’s an excerpt from my old post – Embrace Discomfort. It, very simply, explains the reason for exploring your potential beyond your self-imposed limits.

Then why should we get out of our comfort zone?

There is nothing wrong in being in the comfort zone unless we reach a stage where it starts holding us back. We stop challenging ourselves, we stop expanding and evolving. We start rationalizing our actions and search for a place in the mediocrity, just to be a part of the surrounding crowd to get their acceptability.


In the above diagram, the green part (in between) is only a small part of our achieving potential we’ll explore staying in the comfort zone. So, we need to break out of it and unleash our potential to grow beneath our skins and beyond our imaginations, and achieve what has, by far, been considered unachievable.


Now, how to explore your full potential?

First, you’ve got to set high targets, which need not be realistic. You might find this impractical. But,

Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” – Will Smith

And, if you’ve read this post up to this point, then I can comfortably assume that you are one person who doesn’t want to be a part of mediocrity. Only when you try to achieve what hitherto has been considered as unachievable, will you know your true capability. Even if you don’t invent something new, I’m sure you’ll at least surpass your previous best.

Back yourself to achieve your targets through the unbelievable power of self-belief. For initial momentum, you might start small. But, get into action right now. You might not achieve some of your (short-term) goals on the way to your target, so? Fight through that failure, learn from it and convert it into a milestone to your success. Be persistent, and achieve what you had set out to achieve.

Summary - How to fight mediocrity

Why? Because you are infinite. Don’t you settle for mediocrity.

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  1. Dear Kunj,

    Your posts are very inspiring. I see so much energy in you igniting the world with your wisdom.

    Great work!

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